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    P1 AquaX USA Welcomes New 2015 Supporting Sponsor, Kawasaki Motors Corp.

    If you were wondering where Kawasaki’s loyalties lie, you can rest assured that the Big K is standing its ground, especially when it comes to their 310-horsepower supercharged Ultras. Recently, P1 AquaX USA announced the addition of Kawasaki Motors Corp. as the newest supporting sponsor for the 2015 racing season. Offering both financial support for the series, and a few boxes full of awesome swag for participants, Kawasaki is stepping into the world of AquaX racing in a big way.

    With all three major personal watercraft manufacturers now fully backing the US P1 AquaX Series, there’s very little doubt that this season is one to watch. Obviously, the series’ highest tier of competition, the 300 Class is tailor-made for the 310X Ultra JetSkis, and Monster Kawasaki’s Eric Francis’ dominance of this class only solidifies it. But again, it’s not all about the big dollar, professional racers.

    More at WatercraftJournal.Com
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