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    Pete's GTX 185 with X charger

    Hi all, have always wanted to contribute to the build threads so here is my 2006 GTX SC 185. I bought this a few years ago and had a few dramas after it partially sank after an exhaust hose clamp came off. I got it running again but not long after the ecu failed. I bought my TX not long after that and the poor old 185 sat in the background not being used.

    I never intended to modify the 185 to much, it was just a hack for the family to thrash about on and tow skiers and tubes. The only way to fix the ecu issue was to purchase a 2006 215 ecu. A local dealer used buds to make it work and it was running again. Flat out was a a very average 94 km/hr at about 7200 rpm. The solas prop fitted by the previous owner was a little to tall on the pitch.

    I decided to go turbo on the TX. Bought a kit and when i have finished it i will post photos on the forum. When i pulled the TX apart i realised i had a spare x charger that i no longer needed. the mods began for the 185.

    The 2010 exhaust mid pipe and water box went in. A pirhana parts silicone rear exhaust and riva through hull soon followed. I made my own 4" rear air and drilled a few holes under the seat so it could breath. It resulted in a lovely symphony of exhaust noise and supercharger whistle. 97 kmhr at a little over 7200 was the result.

    I bought a cheap, but very large, ebay intercooler. I made my own brackets and pipework to suit. Now a very respectable 106 km/hr at 7400 rpm. A very solid improvement.

    But what about the x charger??? I really couldn't be arsed pulling the pto off to change the 185 flywheel to the 215 one. Maybe over winter time but its summer here now and with the TX apart i didn't want this one apart also.

    So i swapped the cogs on the supercharger. I couldnt find much info on the cog swap so im going to post my results here for others who may do the same.

    The 17 tooth 185 gear is thinner than the 215/255/260 gear buy about 1 to 2 mm. As a result, The locking ring would bottom out on the shaft without putting any pressure on the clutch washers and gear. I installed a third clutch washer from my old 185 charger. It took me a combination of X charger spring washers and 185 spring chargers to get the slip i needed. What a headache but i finally got there.

    A used 215 fuel reg and some bosch 42's also went in.

    I took it out for a run but couldnt get any top speed numbers due to chop. But the extra acceleration and power of the x charger is extremely noticeable. The rear air whistle is much louder and you can tell it is moving a considerable amount of air.

    I know jpconsult did a massive thread on the 185 and its way more in depth than mine but i felt like making a contribution for the 185 owners out there and showing people what i have done to mine.


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