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    Anyone use or using Valvoline V V740 motorcycle 4 stroke Jaso MA for their SC engines

    I always like to have options in regards to oils and greases. I've seen a few postings come up in regards to using Valvoline VV740 4 stroke motorcycle oil 10W40 with JASO MA. There is also a Valvoline Synthetic which is JASO MA2 though price more than doubles per quart. Anyone have long term experience with these alternatives now that a little time has gone by since the old postings? Thanks

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    Nope, but this thread popped up a short time ago if it helps at all.

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    I run motul semi syn without issue

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    Been running VV740 in mine since I bought it and have changed oil/filter 4 to 5 times. Walmart sells it for $4/qt.

    Had my SC out recently and it looks really good considering I'm spinning it pretty high.

    Another alternative is the Rotella T5. Cheapest yet and Jaso MA cert...

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