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    MXS 150 Recently bought. Need help.

    So, I'm new to this forum but they say you guys have the best knowledge about these skis. Here's my story. I'm fairly new to fixing skis but I'm very mechanical and have fixed plenty of outboards and thought I'd try with some skis. I just recently got a new project ski, a Polaris MSX 150. I bought it for $300 from a guy who bought a house and the jetski came with it and he didnt want it. He told me the previous owner kept it on the lift on the lake. The last time he used it, he rolled it (I know, pretty much the worst thing you can do to these skis) and then it wouldnt start. After that, it sat for probably a year before I found it and bought it. When I went to pick it up, I hooked a battery up to it and it turned over but wouldnt start. At least I thought that was a good sign. I towed it to the boat ramp, put it on a trailer and took it home. The next day, I put a new battery in it and the solenoid would click but the motor would not turn over. I jumped the solenoid and there were no sparks though. My first thought is the something came disconnected with the starter over the trip. Is there any ECU or fuses issues that could cause this problem as well?

    I will have plenty more updates and questions as I go through this project. I will try to read the FAQs on this ski as much as possible to keep from asking any questions that can be easily answered.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,

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    Welcome to GH! You've picked a challenging first ski project.

    Here's what I would do in your situation. First you need to diagnose the issues with the ski... tally up the fix costs... then decide if you proceed any further. The Weber engine in these skis ('04 MSX 110 and '04 MSX 150) are pricey to rebuild. A rebuild focusing on fixing all the known issues... can run you $2-$3k in parts alone.

    Okay... start by pulling the jet pump (4 long bolts)... remove it, inspect it. Slide the driveshaft as rearward as possible (uncoupling the coupler).

    Pull the coils and spark plugs out. Grab engine side coupler and spin the engine over. Will it rotate over smoothly?

    Try the starter now. Still just a "click"? The starter relays (brown, beside ECU, heavy gauge wires attached to it) do go bad. Short the two terminals with a screwdriver. Does the starter spin now? If so, bad relay (for starters... haha pun).

    I have concern if the ski was flipped (lots of nagging issues likely from that)... but I'd also worry about if water got in the engine. Without the engine cranking over... it's hard to get a descent oil level check (it settles into the sump)... to see if the oil is foamy (water contaminated). If a bunch of water got in the system, and the it never got started again and sat for years. That can't be good. Hopefully water didn't get into the engine.

    If you get it cranking over and maybe even to sputter and start.... don't just toss it in the lake and ride it. You really need to do a bunch of checks on it first. I'd do a compression test on it for sure. Inspect driveshaft bearing carrier. Inspect jetpump. You'll need to change oil/filter (Mobil 1 15w-50 full syn), need to confirm no oil ingestion in the intake tract, need to drain/replace fuel (needs good premium!)

    After all of this... and if all results were good or fixed along the way... only then should you plan for an on the water test.

    Let us know how it goes.

    P.S. Randy at WeberPower is the best source for all your Weber (MSX110/150) parts.


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    Thanks for the reply! I ended up getting two more Projects, a Yamaha xl1200 ltd and a SeaDoo GTX ltd that weekend for $1000 so the Polaris took a back seat. But as soon as I get those two up and running and have something to play with this summer, I'll jump on the polaris. These suggestions will be my first checks and I'll report back after that. Thanks again!

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