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    modifying oil pump on high boost/rpm motors? accusump?

    hi guys,

    do highly modified engines need a bigger oil pump/modification?

    my mechanic spoke about shimming a part of the pump (not sure what that means)

    my motor is still being built so i dont know if i have an oil pressure problem yet but would like to build the motor for longevity/endurance.
    has anyone used an 'accusump' before? seems like a good thing to have.

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    He would be referring to the pressure relief valve you can shim them to adjust the oil pressure at certain rpm. Its not such common practice these days as most pumps are made more than efficient enough. I wouldnt worry about it the sho motor pulls over 60psi from about 3000rpm plus the advantage of the dry sump style setup from factory these motors arent gonna runout oil
    prime example Keith Salles 111mph and still turnin it up.

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