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    Question Best New Ski For Fishing

    Been trolling this board for a little while now gathering as much information as possible about fishing from a ski. More specifically which would work best for the fishing I plan on doing.

    My wife gave a tentative blessing for me to purchase one for the primary purpose of fishing. I am planning on using it for many kinds of fishing but mostly larger lakes and near shore/bay saltwater.

    After much information gathering, I am still undecided on which direction I will go. Any basic searching will tell you that a Yamaha SUV is the best bet for most of the type of fishing I am looking at. However I do not yet have a large amount of mechanical experience, maintaining and even finding a descent SUV scares me a bit. The other option would be to just buy new. Obviously there is still plenty of maintenance and upkeep to be done but I feel I can learn while still having more peace of mind that the engine will keep going (while I am able to gain some much needed mechanical knowledge).

    So that leads to the question that is obvious from the title of this post. Which one would be the best? If I were to give priority to what I would want it would go 1 -Stability, 2- Reliability, 3 - Range.

    I'm sure there are differing opinions, happy to hear them all.

    Thanks - Adam

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    SUV is definitely a nice ride with all its storage, but as you said, finding one that isnt going to be mechanically problematic may be difficult to do. Honestly, all the new skis are longer than the older ones. This allows for turning sideways or backwards while fighting the fish. I plan on getting an FX HO and will be fishing from it as well. Best of luck on your searching for the right ski.

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