I am cross posting this in here and in the ECU section. Posting here due to ZERO activity in 4 months and over 132 pages/1300 posts in ECU sticky section.

So I'm buying a CMD Powercommander V with Autotune.

Few questions?

1) Base tunes from users? I would think there might be a repository to choose a setup close to yours. Thats what we share here, right? Are there any? I tried to get through posting but saw references to an Andy's maps. Could never find them. Plus many useful data elements to or referred have been lost over time on other websites.
2) Do you HAVE to buy the LCD unit to take the autotune info and feedback into the CMD box? Or can you ride a little and then download to laptop and modify CMD with Autotune data?

There are 3 years of valuable posts with discovery and changes through the CMD system that have no relevance today to a new installer. I just want the Readers Digest Version. Very cool that so many went through this with a LOT of great help from Dynojet, but I want to cut to the chase and just get what I need to get started. Much of it I did use as a primer for what is too come on setting AFRs to the CMD to get most out of it. Thanks in advance for any help.