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    Xl800 engine time to rebuild

    Hello everyone I have a 2000 xl800 and it has always treated me well.. last year I rebuilt carbs, added some bolt on parts and put a good amount of hours on it with no problems.. it sat about 6 months and a few weeks ago I went to take it for a warm up.. it ran good for a minute then stalled.. started back up but zero performance like 10mph tops.. checked the plugs and looked fouled, put new ones in and got it up a little faster but still no performance.

    Im not too mechanical but i have tools and the basic understanding. A buddy checked it and said 1 cylinder had no compression. I just took the head off and the cylinder he said had no compression looks all scratched including the head. Also their didn't look to be a powervalve.. so im guessing it fell out. I did previously have wave eater clips installed (years ago by a shop)

    anyways the mechanic I know said no compression is a bad crank but both cylinders go up and down and seem to have suction. I bought a 4stoke kawi so this ski would be my backup or girlfriend ski once rebuilt. I want to do it myself and hopefully on a budget.. below are pics. . Im not sure what I should disassemble next or if I should pull the whole engine to try and rebuild on a bench or what. Any advice or wisdom would be appreciated since ive exhausted reading all the 800 and 1200 rebuild threads.

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    I would recommend getting the whole motor out and disassemble. All that debris from the damaged piston went down into the crankcase and possibly into the crank bearings.

    At least pull the exhaust and both cylinders so you can see what you have going on in there

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    Do you ride in salt water? Thats some real crap in those cooling jackets.

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    Yes I've rode that ski in all kinds of water over the past 10 years. Just last summer I spent a week in the keys riding and it sat on a jet dock all week without flush until the end of the week.. the year before it sat on a dock on the intercoastal waterway for like 3 months... It is definitely due for this rebuild, but it's also a 2nd ski for me at this point so I don't want to drop too much on it.

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