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    2004 4tec 215 tops valve.. removal?? how to??

    Hi Guys,

    been searching for last 1hr or so.... my 07 did this awhile back and the tops valve is on the rear of the block.. on the 04, its at the front.. so i have taken off the 2 torx bolts and trying to pull it out.. it seems something spring loaded is holding it in... do i

    a. force the crap out of it and pull it out?
    b. ask a question here and get ready for the flaming ??

    do i need to remove the two nuts where the sensor is???

    any info would be great.. thanks!

    ah wait... got it.., some smart ass has used SIKAFLEX to seal the damn thing on.. its been removed...

    solenoid is completely shorted and wont fire... damn it... $199 for a new one??? really?? eeeks
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