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    New owner of 09 RXT IS...with questions

    Good to be back, we live an interesting life (we think) and are opening up the options to our life in here in Saudi. We were looking to get on the water again and long story short we ended up finding a reasonable deal on what I feel is a solid platform.
    I bought it used in Bahrain and will be keeping it there for us to use when we go over a few times a month to chill out. We have a 06 Super Air Nautique for summering in WI, but man am I pumped to be getting on the gulf with 255hp.
    I last owned a 99spx (started on fire and sold it) and 03 XPDI, left a bad taste in my mouth but I realize it was circumstantial. Now the kids are a little older and I own a 4 stroke. Its my first.
    Here are my questions/concerns:
    towing- obviously its ok to pull kids, but I am wondering if there is weight limits on the fact that the tow eye is on the moving part of the suspension. Should I not be pulling adults, does it matter? IS the IS over engineered to support pulling a 200lb wakeboarder or will I be asking for premature wear on the suspension? I plan to pull mostly kids, but I am considering buying a larger tube and pulling younger kids (10 year olds). The rules are there are no rules, so I know it should be 1 on the tube but we have been boating for 30 years.
    It also has some black mold/mildew on the seat. The material feels like a hybrid of vinyl and ...nylon? Anyway whats the best to clean? I have read all the obvious solutions bleach, magic eraser, dedicated mold removers, but will this discolor the seat? Will it weaken the stitches? Can I just use spot steamer?
    Did I mention I am pumped?
    Thanks for the advise/comments/tips-

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    1. Towing: You shouldn't have an issue with towing 200 pounds. I towed everything from wake boarders to water skiers to tubers with my 2010 GTX 215 iS and never had an issue. I wouldn't worry about it if I were you.

    2. Mold/Mildew: Try Simple Green. I used it to remove the little bits of mold on the seat of my previous ski, the GTX mentioned above.

    Enjoy your new ski.

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    Products are limited over here, hit or mis at best.
    The whole suspension really through me, my instinct was to avoid all the moving parts but the idea of a dampened ride is appealing. Sad thing is I will have nothing to compare it to because it will be my first trip (other than crappy, under powered rentals) into the open ocean. And of course I didn't want to load up a tube and start tweaking things in the hull/suspension.

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