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    Question on Upgrade

    First I would like to say Thank you, Grace & Peace to all riders for 2015. Your posts have helped me greatly since I bought my X-260 in 2013. This is my first post and I sincerely respect the guidance you vets have provided.

    Now my question: I added the Riva, Speed Control Override to my ski. Since Riva no longer carries the Athena ECU (scary, almost bought one), I opted to go with the V-Tech Tuning Bundle. Do I have to now remove the Riva module?

    Sorry if if this seems to be a dumb question, but I do jets by trade, just learning jet-skis.


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    Hey..welcome to the GH community!!!

    Yes you will need to remove the SCOM before you flash with Vtech.

    What I tell all my clients..."the dumb question is the one never asked"

    Where you from?

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    Good early morning. Born & raised in Bklyn. Riding out of Rockaway, Long Island and Uptown.

    Thank you for your reply. Had to be sure.

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