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    Can I use the impeller off my 2008 rxp-x 255 on a 2004 rxp 215 ski

    I was in the garage today and was going to change my 2004 rxp wear ring and thought sinces I have a new impeller and wear ring for my 2008 rxp-x 255 can I use this one for my 2004 rxp, will its work and will it make the 2004 rxp any better, the one on the 2004 rxp looks a bet chewed up on the back, but I will know more onces out. Thanks

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    yes it will work, I believe the 09 and up px props have a slight difference and you need to space the prop a bit.

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    it will bolt right in, but the pitch is quite high for a stock 215-- kind of like putting a solas 15/20 into a stock 215 RXP.

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