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    Probably buying 1989 x2 need help!

    So last year I road an x2 and lovedddd it. Ive been searching all winter for a decent one near me and I finally found one. Its bone stock. Looks to be in nice shape. He says it has the oil block off kit, I asked about the crank case vent blocked off but he said he doesnt know what that is. How can I check to see if it does have this or not? Also what else do I need to look out for on these skis? Im not familiar with them and am not sure what to look for.

    If I do get it what do I need to do first on them to get it running reliably. I figured id go through the carb, and replace all the fuel lines. Seems like they always like to deteriorate on these old two strokes.

    Any simple mods I should do to it? I read somewhere people drill holes inside the water box to make it flow better. Thanks in advance for your guys help!

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    This site is geared more towards newer skiis, you will probably find more info on x-h20 or pwctoday about older vessels. (from memory of years ago) the 650 Crankcase vent/drain is under the carbs and has a cable you pull to drain a flooded engine. they can leak and cause your engine to run lean+ blow up easy to spot it's triangular with a cable coming out of it. For other cheap insurance as you already said You will probably want to pull the carb off, clean it, and rebuild with rebuild kit (original parts kit not aftermarket) drain fuel if questionable and put in fresh (premixed with oil) gas...have fun!

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