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    RPM Racing Announces 2015 Jettribe “Best of the West” Series

    Decisions, decisions, decisions. That’s what are before many watercraft racers as news continues to pour in from across the country. With AJ Handler and his Pro Watercross Tour’s divorce from the IJSBA, many were left wondering if a IJSBA-sanctioned series was even going to happen. Thankfully, RPM Enterprises’ Ross Wallach’s West Coast series enjoyed strong attendance numbers last year, giving the promoter an edge when it came to organizing 2015’s series.

    Teaming with Jettribe Core Watercraft and partnering with Jim Lambert’s stellar DJSA northern California series, the 2015 Jettribe “Best of The West” Series. Stretched over eight rounds of racing, beginning in Lake Havasu, Arizona, and hitting favorited locations Parker, Arizona; Lake Perris, California; and ending in Mossdale Lake, California (just northwest of Modesto), the Best of The West tour will consist of four weekends of racing spanning April to August.

    More at WatercraftJournal.Com
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