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    MSX-150 Diagnostic Sofware / Diagnosis Assistance Request

    Hi Everybody,

    I have a customer in Arizona that needs assistance.
    He has a UTV (very similar to a Polaris RZR), and he needs to find somebody with the Bosch MXS-150 diagnostic software and /or diagnostic help.
    He cant find a dealer in AZ or Nevada that has the correct diagnostic tools.

    This was a very low production model that used the Bosch ECU, instead of the Walbro ECU used in most models & applications. It's exactly the same ECU, as in the MSX-110 / 150.

    Is there anybody that has the software that can assist him? It's not a "freebie", he's willing to pay for your time.

    Thank you,
    Randy Jungwirth
    Weberpower, Inc.

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    Hi Randy,
    How would that work? On the MSX the ECU has to be installed (connected into harness) in order to hookup DW and access it. Would you be able to plug in the UTV ECU on the MSX and still have DW read it? Seems like some of the MSX sensors might send the UTV ECU some "different" signals and cause issues maybe throw errors??

    I'd be willing to give it a try if you think it might still work. I hopefully could read the stored codes and clear them... at the least. Feel free to put your customer in contact with me.


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    my Polaris dealer was pretty helpful..seems thre was a recall on some of these utv's for an ecu problem. can you post the vin#, or just check with a dealer to see if this unit is affected.

    There were the typical silence when I asked about this ecu, then I added, I know it's a problem, and then he started talking!

    Owner is out on training, and he's the only one that would know if they could read the ecu or not. I'll follow up in a couple of days.

    Would be good if there was a recall and he could get it fixed on the cuff.

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    If I was closer I would help out.

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    Hey Cuda,

    I think he will travel to somebody that can connect the software to his buggy.
    You must have been reading my mind, as if he couldn't find anybody to assist; I was going to ask you to connect his ECU to your MSX and review the codes stored in memory.

    I appreciate all the assistance, and keep the information flowing.


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