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    13 FZS whats needed to get to 84 mph?

    I have seen a few threads but they are dated and I know that people have had success with different routes than others.
    I currently have a 13 FZS with free flow exhaust and intake grate.
    I have a blow off valve just not installed i was thinking about better intercooler prior to doing BOV.
    I would love to try and stay on the stock supercharger wheel as I want a reliable set up.

    Thanks in advance for taking the time to assist me.

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    84 on stock wheel isn't going to happen.. Need a good amount to get the SHO to 84

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    Why 84mph? Must have someone running 83mph your trying to beat, or if your trying to go back in time like the Delorean your gonna need the full 88mph. Either way your gonna need a bigger wheel and supporting mods.

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    you will need a stage 3 kit. you will want internals a pump mod and at least 16 psi boost to get to 84 mph if you want to be reliable getting past 80 takes some serious mods.

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    Intercooler (Fizzle, R&D, Riva, make your own), Reflash (R&D or Vtech), Low boost wheel (ETLB, E1, mayyyyybe C3), wideband, fuel pressure regulator, ribbon delete, impeller, cone.... that's about the easiest road. Maybe throw a plate on there too.

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    all the old posts are still valid
    until you move up to an svho
    ride plate low boost and better intercooler plus tune as a minimum

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    See my signature. It will put you at 84. You will definitely need to have our plate modded by Jim and you will need to spend a good bit of time tuning the plate and hull.

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    If you wanna just fuel & ride, then go for the C3 or Riva B1 wheel wheel, R3 flash @ 8850, and supporting mods. You can pitch your stock prop or go with a Skat 155. The C3 won't really spin a 160 liner/prop setup very hard, so you will have to live with some cavitation sticking with the 155 prop - or dial it in more with an L13 cone.

    No matter what setup you end up going with - I would go ahead & invest in the R3 flash, all engine cooling, and a quality IC/Bov for a good foundation.

    If you are looking to smash by 84, instead of maybe just tickling it - then add an FPR, boost & O2 gauges, an ET 15.5 wheel, injectors, R&D sc shaft & Riva 1 pc sc bearing. And a 160 liner with a Skat prop, or Solas 13/20 with some tweeking. Now you could walk away from your buddy (and most other unsuspecting skis), instead of just creeping by..

    Edit - I had inferred about "your buddy" after reading the post by Nashvegas & still being half asleep. I hate it when that happens..
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    Truth be told I have no one I am trying to beat. I figured low to mid 80s should still be a reliable ski that is why I mentioned 84 If I can get to 80 I would be satisfied for a while. I really just want the ski to as reliable as factory with the added speed.

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    Would you guys consider the ET 15.5 wheel with supporting mods still a reliable ski?
    I'm assuming a reflash, FPR, and a set of valve springs are the obvious.

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