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    48 8375 176 38 38 nor201 vtech

    Hey guys,

    Quick question on this tune. Does 176 equate to a percentage of fuel added to this map? I didn't see this tune last year.

    I ran the 48 8375 169 38 38 nor202 last season, but I replaced my plugs and they were a little white.

    I don't have a logger yet so I'm really just guessing on my map.

    Is there an easy way to just add a percentage of fuel to the map? I tried the editor, but I don't know what I should change.

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    Yeah the 176 is the fuel

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    do u know the percentage this equates to? vtech?

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    The "percentage" is relative to the current number. So if you have a beginning map with a base fuel cell at 160 then change to 165, that equals to an 8% increase from base. You only use percent as a measure from where the cell starts from. So if the cell is 160, that makes it 0%...if a cell defaults to 180, that also makes it 0%.

    Personally, I never use percent when tuning. IMO, it's not granular enough. However, I will sometimes export to spreadsheet in percent, print out then quickly scan the entire map with my eyes. It helps me to see any big jumps between cells.

    As far as new tunes in the Vtech data base, not unusual as they pop up from time to time. I recently required a special map that offered higher scaling then what I've been able to find, which is now in the public data base . Vtech is planning on cleaning up the data base (tunes) as it may appear a bit fragmented (no ETA).

    BTW: If you are concerned about plug color, then you should invest in a wideband, or better yet, the Vtech data logger

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    The plugs should always come out white on a well tuned EFI ski. At least on the vast majority of the white porcelain.


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    Cool. I didn't expect much issues. Just noticed there were a tad white.

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