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    IPD Graphics’ Bibi Carmouche Featured on 2015 Hot Products Catalog Cover

    The 2015 racing season hasn’t even officially started and it’s looking like it’s already Bibi Carmouche’s year. Riding a Bullett-hulled SX-R, sporting support from support from some of the most iconic names in jet skiing – Jettrim, JetPilot, Skat-Trak, and Oakley to name a few – Bibi has bested her challengers from the starting band to the checkers, and now has one more massive win to announce.

    The current Pro Watercross National Champion and previous IJSBA World Champion will be the first woman to be featured exclusively on the cover of Hot Products’ 2015 product catalog. The second woman ever to grace the catalog’s cover – sharing the honor with Mrs. Rachel MacClugage – Bibi’s iconic black-and-neon pink color combination also heavily influences the book’s design.

    More at WatercraftJournal.Com
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