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    04 Yamaha Waverunner wr1000ac runs hot

    Hi all,

    History of the ski, total rebuild about five years ago, new pistons oversize, timing chain re-man head and other new parts

    I took out my ski yesterday in kbay on the way out high temp light and beeper came on waited went slow same thing but took longer

    I thought maybe thermostat but tested it opened ok now I'm thinking some trash in inlet line to engine, since no water from pee hole on left
    Did this once a year ago then cleared up

    I'm thinking the hole or hose from impeller to engine stopped up

    Last night flushed a few if the hoses and no blockage but the supply line super hard to get to I think either hole is blocked or hose down there

    On the water hose running not much water from weep hole on left and

    I did run it a while last week revs fine and no overheat on water hose in yard about 5-10 minutes

    Edit the next night....
    Putting thermostat back clean the housing was corroded a little but don't think it was problem
    Yamaha dealer South seas here didn't stock it anyway

    Well last night I put the thermostat back in and hooked it up to the hoses and ran it on the water hose
    After about 15 minutes it ran hot again, otherwise the ski runs fine maybe a little rough idle otherwise is smooth running

    Temperature comes up slowly so it could be circulation
    I checked it with an infra red thermometer and the head came up from 120 to 175 degrees while on the hose

    I did check the inlet hose it's clear and the other return hoses I back flushed

    Looking on the forums they say could be
    blocked jet pump intake (not on hose)
    blocked hoses
    bad temp senders edit ... thanks ccw
    sand inside around cylinders
    blocked exhaust
    or something worse- head gasket /crack head or other

    I would think if I had a head gasket bad it would be running hot quickly,and maybe missing steam coming out exhaust so I doubt that
    I have not taken out the plugs but it is possible that compression is going into the exhaust but I don't think so

    I'm debating getting a newer ski anyway, although will still have to fix this one, and I don't really use it allot either
    My friend has a 2006 Kawasaki 200 LX but I like Yamaha s better

    I can take off the pressure regulator on side of block
    make sure that there is good water flow coming to all of the parts maybe take off the muffler first
    see if it's blocked
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    Do you have a service manual? Have you checked temp sensor? The reason there isn't a huge amount of water from the pisser is because it's not sitting in the lake so the pump can pressurize it.

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    Hi Thanks for the suggestion to check the temp sensors
    Edit 2-22-15,
    flushed engine out back flush from thermostat hose
    Engine still ran hot on hose

    I agree about engine temperature switch just ordered one
    it's super hard to get to at least to even see it

    I did unplug the exhaust one when the buzzer came on and no change

    Since the engine block temperature was going way above 160 degrees F
    will do the test in the book if have to...
    infrared came way past 175 F before alarm
    I think that the temperature sensor is working properly
    I did read some threads about that but in my case looks like engine is overheating

    Thanks for input too on pee hole, that's maybe good means some cooling water coming out
    At the boat ramp we checked it did not see anything coming out much in the water

    Funny thing is the ski did this once last year then returned to normal
    I just wrote it off as some debris in jet pump or even bees
    yes we have huge carpenter bees that love nesting in holes
    Hard to believe one could get past strainer though

    I have the factory service book thanks again
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