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    2006 STX 12F Fuel level sending unit....HELP!

    It's been beeping low fuel even though my tank is completely full. Took out the sending unit, turned it upside down and right side up to try and get the level to change and it didn't. I'm going to be testing it with an ohms meter (once it comes in the mail today), per the instructions I found in this thread: (Forgive me for posting a link from another forum, but this one was extremely instructive)

    After the basic test of turning it upside down (so it should read full) and getting no change, I'm assuming there's something wrong in the wiring and it will fail the ohms test. Say, one of the floats isn't reading right, or none of them read right, has anyone ever rebuilt one of these things successfully? Seems there are repairs that can be done on the Seadoo fuel sending units, but I can't find a thing on these ones. Just kills me to spend $203 on this part.

    Any advise or direction anyone can give me on possibly rebuilding it? Any help/advise is appreciated.


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    Ok, so upon testing, I am getting the same results as in the thread listed above. When I test each float individually, it still gives me the 8ohm reading for each. Any ideas on what this means and what within the unit might be broken?
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    try grounding the senderwire and see if the gauge reads full. If the gauge reads full the sender is bad. If not try grounding the sender wire at the gauge to see if the wire or connection is bad. If you have a connector on the end of the sender wire make sure that connector is making contact when connected. sometimes these kawaasaki connectors wiggle loose. I used caulking to secure a loose wire in a connector. It sounds like a loose connection somewhere to me.

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    happened to mine, just swap it out for another one, the 12f is the same can get used one for like 30$

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