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    Single digit and temps in the teens along with 6-8 inches of snow make for a cold week here in Virginia. Lower Chesapeake Bay water temp is right at 32 deg. F. Couldn't go fishing even if the fish were biting.
    Of course I still venture out around the house and snap a couple pictures of the wild life around my yard. Just thought I would share some pictures from the last couple of days.

    View from side of my house.

    I had one of the resident Bald Eagles fly right over and land in a tree along my driveway.

    This pair of Juvenile Bald Eagles flew by, fighting over the waterfowl one had just caught.

    One of the Juvenile Bald Eagles hanging out in a tree in my front yard.

    There are a host of other smaller birds making the rounds in my yard this time of year.

    Cedar Waxwings.

    Yellow-bellied Sapsucker.

    Northern Bluebirds.

    Mockingbird and Finch.

    I do not feed the birds because my 20lb Maine Coon mix cat wants me too. He does fine on his own!

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    col pictures. Like the cat

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    great pics!!! What lens are you using? Love the eagle photos.

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