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    Starting issue FZR SHO

    It starts right away when its cold, i go for a ride then shut the engine off and if i try to start it 20 minutes later the engine spins but wont start, i have to start it about 3 times and then it fires up. Its like it doesnt start when the heat buids inside the hull.... Any ideas about what causes this?? (R3 ETLB RIVA gen 2 cooler combo).
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    Happened also to me only one time with r3.
    Same situation.

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    Possible a injector leaking fuel after you shut the motor off. Then the engine is flooded with fuel. If you have or can put a fuel pressure gauge in your fuel line and see if the pressure remains on the fuel line/gauge for 5 minutes or so. If the gauge dropes to zero in a few seconds after you stop the engine then you have a fuel injector or pump problem. On my ski Gauge reads 50 psi and when I stop engine the gauge will fall to 35-40 pounds pressure and hold that pressure for 30 + minutes or longer. Tommy Jordan

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    Thanks Tommy, i will se if i find a gauge and test it that way.

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