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    New to this forum, and kawasaki's

    Hey what's up guys!

    My name is Paul, I'm from Dallas, TX. I'm new to Kawasaki PWC's. I've always been in Seadoo's. I've been out of the PWC game for a while. Started looking around for a decent ski, and found a 2002 ultra 150 for a good deal down in Port Allen, LA. This is a one owner ski with 70 hours on it, ski was used in salt and fresh water, mainly salt. the guy had the flush kit installed, and he said he flushed it after every trip. The ski was winterized every season, and for the last time in 2013 and has not been in the water since previous owner is in the navy and was stationed in Japan for a year.. So here is the bad's.

    Steering cable is broken ( guess it sized )
    The throttle cable is real stiff

    that's it going to put a battery in tomorrow and fire it up. Ill post some pick's of the ski tomorrow.

    Have a few noob questions

    how hard is it to do the steering, and throttle cables?

    what kind of plugs should I run in this?

    How hard is it to rebuild the jet pump?

    Let me know what you guys think

    Thanks Paul.

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    Hello & welcome to the Hulk. You might have yourself a gem! The Ultra 150, is a very fast ski & a fun ride. @ one time they were the Boss. The cables are not that big of a deal & the pump is also not to hard. Make sure it turns over & if it fires up you nearly home. Provided the right is right. an 02 Ultra 150 should (running), should be around $2.5 to $3.5K, so shop well & good luck

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    Welcome aboard, Ultra560!

    Make sure to carefully inspect/replace the oil lines, they get brittle with age and split. If you replace them, make sure the new ones are routed like the old ones, do NOT mix them up! Also, look at the cable for the oil pump, they frequently get frayed and have to be replaced.

    The jet pump can be difficult to remove if it's never been off before. There is a recent thread here somewhere about taking it off.

    Also, remove the display and seal the rubber plug on the back with 3M 5200 sealant. The old rubber gets hard with age and doesn't seal, which means that water will get in it and destroy it when you flip the 'Ski.

    The Triple Pisser Mod is a worthwhile thing to do to it, as well as installing a strainer on the inlet cooling water line. A bilge pump is also a good idea.

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