So i got a really good deal on my 04 kawasaki stx12 F it came without the keys for the ignition. So in my first attempt to start it I pulled out the magnetic ignition and probed into the back of the ignition everything booted up and cranked over it will keep doing that but continues to have no spark now. After researching deeper into the ignition schematics I found I was hotwiring it wrong and grounding it out at all times.
Since then i have hotwired it correctly but still no spark same symptom and no codes on my display.
Other than possibly frying my cdi module what else could have gone bad by hotwiring incorrectly??

What should my next steps be other than purchasing a new key and ignition??

My first jet ski have to start over this noobie phase appreciate any help or advise you have just trying to get this beast on the water.