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    Which Impeller for a 2010 RXT 260 is - your recommendation is needed


    My 100% stock Doo are almost on the 100 hour mark, and last summer it started to show signs of cavitation issues, so I've decided to spend some money on a new impeller incl. a metal wear ring, and therefore I could really use some advice/recommendation as my internet browser has been piling up with tabs - incl. threads from this forum all suggesting a range of different impellers to choose from given your current and future setup.

    One thing which is pretty clear though is that I'm looking into the Solas SRZ-CD impellers hopefully adding some overall performance gains - holeshot & top speed (yes, I'm aware that the engine is GPS & torque controlled, and the prone for errors drive shaft)
    I also tend to tow wakeboards/waterskis every now and then, but have not yet experienced any issues with the stuck impeller so far.

    The ones I'm focusing on right now is the
    • SRZ-CD 15/20
    • SRZ-CD 15/21
    • R&D Grain intake should it matter (adding even more flow to the impeller)
    So any suggestions or thoughts which I should consider before I order the parts?

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    Srz-cd 14/19 with stock nose cone. Have someone check the pitch, you never know what it is out of the box.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VXRslayer21 View Post
    Srz-cd 14/19 with stock nose cone. Have someone check the pitch, you never know what it is out of the box.
    Just curious why stock cone?

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    i would use a 15/19 as its a better casting than the 14/19, but without any real mods your ski wont turn a 20/21 prop real well.

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