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    Low oil pressure / Check Engine

    Hello All,

    I have a Seadoo 2009 GTX IS

    we are running into intermittent problems. we first got a oil pressure low alarm but this disappeared after cleaning the oil filter a couple of times. Now we are getting check engine signal but when we are monitoring through laptop software the laptop - diagnositic software (Candoo Pro) freezes on the moment we get the check engine alarm. I also seems weird that sometimes the key gives the two beeps and all is fine, sometimes it doesnt give the two beebs and we get check engine.

    Anybody any idea?

    Thank you.

    Kind regards, Han

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    I would first message Candoo on here about the freezing while monitoring. Did you try replacing the oil pressure switch on the block? those are prone to failure.

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    bad oil pressure sensor? There are two.

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    Yes we did change that already... Were trying to get info from Candoopro software.. It freezes at the check engine alarm..

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    if you have issues with the key, change the dess post.

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    Thank you Ricku86, What is the dess post. and how do I change it... They key does strange.. Sometime's it beeps twice and the machine works fine for a wile.. Than I get chaco engine... Sometime's it reads the key for a long time.. gives the 2 beeps, starts and almost immediately check engine wil pop up and trows the machine back to 3000rpm....

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    Its the part that the key fits on. Unplug the wires, remove it , and install a new one.

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