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    GTR fuel consumption?

    how long does everyone get on a full tank of gas? So far (14 hours on my ski) I have been able to run pretty hard for 4 hours of all around riding before my low alarm kicks on. My ski is stock.

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    Wow that's really good ! When my Rxtx was stock it would go 2.5 hours and start beeping at me . Not running it hard ....

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    DAM you think that's something .... I have to ride with the pump hose still connected LOL. I only wish I could get 4 + hours out of a tank !

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    if you want fuel milage you should have got a NA ski like the spark
    I have burned a tank of e85 in under 2 hours.....
    it takes fuel to make HP

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    4 hours is good. I get about 2 of just before boost riding.

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    Oh geeze! Lol 2 hours isn't very long at all.

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    When I had my GTR I got around 2-2 and a half hours.

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    i can easily say i can get right at or slightly over 4 hrs on a single tank... but...always a but there is a reason i can make it stretch.

    if i am riding at lake travis with my 2 stroke buddies i tend to stay in eco mode 95% of the time only because they on their X2 and Superjets are not going to be over 44-45mph. this is the only time i can get that long out of a tank.

    if i am riding anywhere else its in sport mode and depending on how much im in the throttle i can get 2 to 2.5 hrs out of a tank.

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    Now with the 2-2.5 hours, is that running WOT the whole time?

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    How many miles are you guys getting on a tank? Time is kind of a bad comparison.

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