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    ultra 150 top speed

    hey guys new to the forum and jet skis i got myself an ultra 150 it goes pretty well, now ive read these will do 65+ stock i can only manage 53mph (gps) out of mine at 6000rpm (max) its an 05 model anything to check as to why its not going as fast as it should?

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    Welcome to the Forum.....

    First thing I would change is the plugs....

    If that doesnt help Id do a compression check...

    Do you know if it has any aftermarket parts?

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    Those Ultras also have a different style pump and need to be shimmed. Look into shimme ng for ultra 150 also bltdigger did a thread on it if I remember.

    Also prop condition is important and the basics like plugs and compression to make sure your starting with a good motor.

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    Just curious, how fast is a stock Ultra 150?

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    A stock one should run about 64ish, that ski should be running closer to 7000 rpm's, sound like you are only running on 2 cylinders, definitely check compression, a bad reed could cause it to run on 2.

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    Those rpms are low

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    It's full stock, I have put new plugs in it also did a comp check was 85 across all 3 now I know that's low the battery died after it, I've since got a new battery but havnt tested it again yet.. I will read into about shimming the prop

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    Now that I think of it when it's at idle on the trailer every now and then makes a weird grinding kind of noise like a dry bearing would this most likely be the prop bearing?

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    That's the prop shaft's mechanical seal, they don't like being run for long out of the water.

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    I always run water thru it on the trailer, does that noise sound right? Should I be concerned? Cheers

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