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    SVHO Worn Prop??

    Hi all,
    I have a 2014 FX SVHO that's been having some cavitation issues off the line. It's only about 8 months old and I removed the pump and checked the clearance between the pump and wear ring (both stainless) and its sitting around 17 thou. I think around 18 thou is the max.
    It hasn't been in any 'sand events' so I don't know where the wear has come from?
    Is this normal for a new ski, and what are my options from here?

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    How bad is the cavitation?

    My 14 FZR bumps the limiter 3-5 times off a hard launch, but if I mess around with body position and trim I can get it to launch quite a bit better. I've been told this is normal for the SVHOs in stock form.

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    Is it a deterioration from previous? I found both my SHO and SVHO had a slight tendancy for this from new, in both cases I found some relief with this addition, a bit of masking and silicon.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Of course, if it didn't do it before it may be a problem with the pump...

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    I reckon it's gotten worse from new.
    might try the silicone thing thanks

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