Every year in January, over Martin Luther King weekend, the Daytona Freeride takes place in sunny Daytona Beach, Florida. This event has become one of the most popular and recognized event in the PWC freeride community. This event was founded as a surf event, but in recent years, there has been another segment that has been rapidly growing. That segment has become known as “Flatwater Friday”.

Several years ago, (at least as far back as 2010), a few guys decided to take a short trip over to Lake Dias in nearby Deland for a quick tuning session. This started out as a relatively small group of guys, with big motors and short, light carbon hulls. For the most part, these boats were considered “Flatwater only”. They ran total-loss ignitions, short poles, and were setup with massive power. They were tough to ride in the surf, and the exposed ignitions were not “salt friendly” without some extra care. This made the freshwater lake a great testing/tuning spot.

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