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    2007 Yamaha VX110

    I have a chance to purchase a 2007 VX110 and single ski trailer for $3300. The ski has 300 hours. Considering that compression is good and everything runs well, is this a good deal?

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    Kelly Blue Book has retail for the ski at 4,095 and trade in at 2,800 for the deluxe. Maybe 400-500 for a used trailer depending on condition. My 2012 VX deluxe has 160 hours and no problems. Just so you know, Yamaha has dropped the price for the basic VX from around 9,500 to 8,500 to I believe compete with SeaDoo's Spark. This basic VX is still the fiberglass hull as that 2007 would be. The MR1 engine, if taken care of, will run over 1,000 hours and then some. Salt water is a little tougher on them than fresh water, especially if it wasn't cared for. If it checks out good, doesn't sound bad.

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    I would consider it a fair deal. Try and get the seller to an even $3,000.

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    Sounds like a fair price. Of course the physical condition should also come into consideration. Trailer condition, Hubs, tires?

    My 2007 VX has 180 hrs and no problems.

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    Salt or fresh water?

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