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    Exclamation 215 4TEC smoking problems.......Help please??????

    Hello everyone......

    I am having an issue from a 2007 215 4tec.........SCIC

    The ski runs great!.....I am having issues with excessive smoking
    through the exhaust.....This thing is smoking bad.
    I took it out Saturday and the craft ran great!......8100 rpm.

    This is on my Speedster 200 twin motor.
    The air intake tube to the supercharger was very dry.
    The crankcase vent tube was also dry.......The supercharger had a
    puddle of oil in the intake of it.....I just do not think that the engine
    has any mechanical problems because the motor runs so very well.

    When I drained the oil out of it........there was only a little over a liter
    in the engine that was smoking. 3.5 liters from the engine not smoking.

    The engine is smoking very much and burning oil......compression is the same
    on both engines.....ANYBODY have any ideas or run into this before?

    Suggestions are greatly appreciated in advance!


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    boost junkie skidoochris's Avatar
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    look at the charge tube and intercooler
    if it has oil in it, the SC will need a re-build
    oil in the SC could be from a bad bearing or just the seal
    if the sc fails that could destroy the engine by filling the oil pump with metal

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    Yes front seal of the Supercharger , use viton seal next time ...

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    Any other ideas?

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    If your SC outlet is coated in oil.... the front seal is definitely your problem. How many hours are on the SC? If the seals blown out that bad..... I'd say your probably past due on a rebuild. If your charger is dry... I'd be questioning the valve stem seals. What do your plugs look like..... all identical in color? Easiest thing to do is pull your outlet hose from the SC and start the engine. If the SC is blowing oil.... you found your problem.
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    I have a new Supercharger that will be here on Thursday...

    The output from the Supercharger to the throttle body has tons of oil in it.....

    We will see on Friday how it pans out.


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    Yep bad SC seal. When it goes bad, the SC sucks the oil out of the crankcase and blows it towards the intake.

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    How about some pictures? I dont know much about this so thats why i am asking for pics. Thanks


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