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    Question Looking at a 2000 Yamaha GP 1200R

    Hello everyone. I am new to this site and look forward to all the help and suggestions folks offer. I am looking at two different 2000 Yamaha GP1200r's. One has a new motor with 5 hours and has compression of 107 109 110. The other has 116 hours on it and not sure what numbers are till I get them. OK need help on what numbers should be. Thanks for the help.

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    Send WFO a PM. He is the GP king.

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    Them #'s are a little low but it may be your gauge or tester

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    OK I sent WFO a message. I hope he gets it. I am new to the site so I hope I did it right.

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    The one with 116 hours will need a top end rebuild. The one with 5 hours has low numbers but it could just be the gauge as mentioned. What was the one with lower hours rebuilt with? Does it have a new crank? Is it all OEM? How many hours on the hull? Lots of variables. I would personally probably pull the trigger on the higher hour one if you can get it for significantly cheaper and rebuild the topend and carbs and get the crank inspected. Then you will know what you have, anything else is really a crap shoot. Especially if the person slapped it together with sbt or wsm parts and is trying to unload it.

    Other then the motor, make sure you inspect the pump. Ask last time the bearings/seals were changed and drive shaft splines were greased. The pump could be running on borrowed time.

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    Being that you're new to the site, I need to ask...are you new to personal watercraft? If so, what are the asking prices of both skis? Hate to see you pay a high price when you could've gotten a newer and better ski for the money. 2003 and up are 1300's and are fuel injected. These are huge bonuses in my book and worth paying a little more for. The 2003 and 2004 have their own issues that need to be inspected. (03 and a few 04's had pump shoe issues and both have power valves) The pump shoe pull down is a bigger issue. It needed to be addressed before it pulled down or it needed to be repaired properly. Reinforcement brackets needed to be installed. (at least) If its been repaired already, make sure the shoe is recessed in the hull slightly (about a nickels thickness) or it was not fixed correctly and is hanging down. A hanging shoe will cause a loss of top speed and premature pump overstuff (aka pump stuff) which is NO GOOD! (unless you like hurling through the air at speed with no ski under you!) Power valve skis are a bit snappier but need wave eater clips and aftermarket couplers to really be worth it. When looking keep that in mind because you'll want that done. The power valve servo motors fail every now and then making the power sluggish. You can get used replacements for about 135 bucks or less. 2005 and up have no power valves that need upkeep, are fuel injected with 1300 engines, and also come with desirable pump shoe brackets and a high output pump. The last 2 items are usually upgraded on earlier skis. Unless your doing the work yourself and the earlier skis are much cheaper, its better to pay up for the 2005 or later. Keep us posted on your choice and welcome to Greenhulk!
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    Prism, thanks for taking the time to list several concerns when buying 2 stroke older skis. You did a great job explaining a few issues. I was glad to see your statement ... if the rider is new to riding and has a limited budget, the things you mentioned should help open his eyes to the risk that is always inherent in purchasing a used ski. It will be interesting to see what he gets & how it works out for him. As Forest says's like a box of chocolates, you never know what you will get. LOL

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