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    kawi 650 sx over heating

    I'm helping a friend out with his ski. Nothing but problems on this thing.

    I hone the cylinders and put new rings in it.

    It has a cdk 2 38mm carb 75 low jet 145 high jet. I had both screws at 1.5 out.

    It has a PJS pipe and an AM water box.

    Its running premix 32-1.

    I am stumped. Trying to help a friend out, but I can't solve the over heat issues.
    1988 650sx
    Had a PJS top end on it, blew up.
    Owner put a stock top end on it.
    Had head gasket issues, one cylinder lost a lot of compression.

    I honed the cylinders, replaced one piston and both sets of rings.
    It has a PJS exhaust system on it.
    38 cdk 2 carb with 75 low and 145 H both screws out 1.5

    It starts and runs well. But the engine gets hot real fast.
    Water out the pisser is too hot.
    All the cooling lines are clear.

    My cooling routing is from pump to bottom of manifold. From head to top of manifold. From bottom rear of manifold to pisser and stinger on the pipe.

    If I pull the line off off the bottom of the manifold. I get water to come out. So the pump is pumping water through. But doesn't seem like its enough. Have to rev it to get it too start coming out too.
    If I connect it back again, then take off the hose from the head to the pipe I get no water coming out. But when I tested it I only got to maybe quart to half throttle???

    I started the engine and connected a garden hose too the line that normally connects to the pump. The engine ran perfect at normal correct temp while on the hose.

    I got to thinking maybe the impeller clearance was too great causing bubbles and weak cooling.

    Took the pump off an measured with a feeler gauge.

    I was abe to push a .5 mm gauge through in some spots. But it was really close to .43mm .
    I was hoping to find more clearance so I would be sure that was the problem before I put money into and old 650 to chase the issue.

    I'm for sure out of the impeller standard of .2 to .3 however I'm just under the limit of .6

    I wish it was way off so I knew that was it. Now I'm just not sure.

    Can anyone help me out. Thank you so much!

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    I answered your thread on pwc. Have you pulled the exaust manny and inspected.

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