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    Rxt weak battery / starter motor

    Hi all
    I've got a issue with starting my rxt. I've fully charged the battery and it shows 13 volts on my meter.
    starts ok. Stop it and start it again almost sounds like a flat battery slow to crank then fires up.

    Then sometimes it cranks hard then almost not at all. Showing 13.8volts on idle so I guess it's charging.

    I just bought a 450cca dry cell battery which I assume came charged. Put it in and just turned it over.

    Now it seems to be cranking strong again. I bet if I take it down to the ramp it probably won't start.

    when I rebuilt my motor the engine builder didn't straighten my crank 100% and by cranking it continually it shorted out my starter motor. Fixed the motor and I pulled the starteriout reset the brushes cleaned it out put it back and it worked again.
    Have I damaged any of the other starting components in the process.
    Is my started dead.
    i should have a super strong crank

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    Check starter solenoid.

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    I once had the same symptoms and it ended up being a loose connection at the starter. I pulled the starter (which is pretty easy to do) tightened the connection and never another problem.


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    Just because it show 13v doesnt mean its good.

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    So my new battery started the ski i went for a 30 min ride came home flushed it. Tried starting it again to fog it won't start again like a flat battery. Negative on the battery is quite hot . Battery showing 13volts
    what could be faulty between the starter motor, starter solinoid, and voltage reg.
    when I had motor troubles I was cranking cranking cranking and eventually it stopped wouldn't crank again.
    the starter motor was dead. I removed it and disassembled it reset the brushes and tested it on the car battery. Seemed ok.
    could I have burnt out the voltage reg or any other component that would course my weak starting.

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    Do a voltage drop across the starter lead from batt to solenoid,across solenoid and from solenoid to starter. you'll know where your losing power. corrosion likes to build up internally in the seadoo cables. Heat will increase the resistance in the cable and may be while your having a hard time during restarts. Do not rely on an ohms test.

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    Could my stator be damaged and not charging what voltage should I be seeing when on idle. I had 13.8.
    what does the voltage regulator do and what does the solinoid do. Is it possible my starter motor is bad

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    Quote Originally Posted by silverback2002 View Post
    Could my stator be damaged and not charging what voltage should I be seeing when on idle. I had 13.8.
    what does the voltage regulator do and what does the solinoid do. Is it possible my starter motor is bad
    To answer your question re voltage regulator and solenoids purpose ...

    I believe the sea doos have a combination regulator/rectifier. It's purpose is twofold; #1) The rectifier will convert the AC electricity generated by your engines stator and flywheel magnets into DC electricity and it does this using diodes that only allow current to flow in one direction. #2) The regulator will "regulate" the output from your stator so your battery is not being overcharged. If too much voltage is supplied by the stator and not "regulated" your battery will not last long. This is a charging system component and doesn't sound like its part of your problem.

    Your solenoid serves to simply save on wiring. The solenoid allows manufacturers to run a small gauge wire from your ignition button to the solenoid which completes a circuit used to start the engine. W/o your solenoid you would require large AWG cable running from your battery all the way to your ignition switch/button and back to the starter. If you want further explanation do a little googling about solenoids. This solenoid is part of your starter motor circuit and could be a potential point of failure based on your symptoms.

    You definitely have an issue that seems to be pointing to your skis battery and/or starter motor circuit. It doesn't sound like the fault is in your charging system based on the fact your battery is being charged (according to your voltage readings) while running your ski.

    You must systemically test components eliminating each component until you find your skis problem and it sounds like your heading in the right direction. If you don't systemically test and eliminate components you're going to be throwing parts at the ski and/or shooting in the dark.

    If I had the problems you are experience I would first conduct a thorough visual examination. Check all cables, plug connections, fuses, etc for looseness, corrosion, etc.

    Next fully charge your battery and load test it. The battery voltage readings w/o a load can be misleading, it needs to be tested under load to verify its ability to supply high current demands of your starter motor. If you don't have a load tester you can do this w/ your DMM by taking a voltage reading while cranking your engine (in drown engine mode, you don't want it to start. Hold throttle down to full throttle while cranking). You want your voltage to stay close to or above 10.5v while cranking for a full 10 secs (someone chime in if my voltage number is off). If this tests OK you have now eliminated your battery as being a potential problem.

    The recommendation of performing a voltage drop test at all points across your starting circuit is a good place to go next. It will tip you off to the problems of cable corrosion, looseness, etc. You should perform the voltage drop test just like bmxjoe said. Write down your voltage readings across each connection. In addition I would check your ground for voltage drop at this point. You said your negative battery lead was hot and this is a sign of excessive resistance. Using your DMM put your black lead on your neg battery terminal and your red lead at a good metal point on your engine block and read your voltage (just checked mine, it was between 0.000 and 0.001 Vdc). If you find any reading to be much higher than the others, you've found a circuit w/ excessive resistance which is probably your culprit. If everything tests OK here you have now eliminated this portion of your starter motor circuit.

    Let's move on ... your next logical check would be your ignition switch and its circuit. Your ignition switch circuit ultimately connects your push start button to your solenoid. Let us know if you get this far w/o solving your problem and someone here can tell us how to test your ignition switch.

    Hope this helps you.

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    Hey silverback want to follow up my post as I gave you some inaccurate info regarding how to test for voltage drop.

    Your starter motor needs to be cranking while testing for voltage drop and the engine must not fire (use drown engine mode by applying full throttle while cranking).

    on my Sea Doo 215 I just tested the circuit from the negative terminal on my battery to the body of my starter motor while cranking. It was at 0.3 volts DC. I loosened the negative battery terminal and checked again and the voltage drop jumped up to 1.4 volts DC while cranking. You may want to start here for a quick troubleshooting check as you said your negative battery terminal was hot to the touch.

    here's a good article that explains how to test your starter motor circuit for voltage drop ...

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    Hope I've found my problem, I changed out my starter motor and it seems to be cranking very hard now. Will take it for a good run and see what it does when it gets upto running temp.

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