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    08 gp1300r

    Hey guys im new int he forum i just buy a 08 gp1300r with 72 hours the jetski was running nice about 70 mph next day after i fill up the tank with 87 regular gas and using regular oil the jetski only goes up to 4500 rpm and only takes 30 mph i replace the spark plugs and still the same the engine sounds normal i also have the exhaust warning on shutting down the unit i read about the cat may be the problem please let me know if you have any idea of how can i fix this problem thanks

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    check for a clogged catalytic converter

    here some pics of the exhaust

    same for carb or EFI

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    Your best bet is to replace with a d plate if cat is more than likely gotten hot and the honeycomb inside will clog or suck completely through. A cat is 700.00 a d plate 150.00 approximately. But may I suggest only 91 octane fuel and only use yamalube. I also add 1 ounce of oil per gal of gas straight into fuel. Reason being I don't trust the oil injector to always be spot on. Good luck and I hope this helps.

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    Get rid of the cat. I blew a motor because of that pos. The element broke free and lodged itself sideways, clogging the exhaust.

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