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    08 gp1300r

    Hi i was reading some reviews on the webside i have a problem with my 08 gp1300r i was running nice on the lake last week after i put 87 fuel on the tank i refill the oil tank too with regular oil and started again the rpm only hoes up to 4500 and the jetski can only go up to 30 mph the engine sound good i replace the spark plugs and still have the problem the ski only has 72 hours can you guys give me any idea about that problem some peoples said it may be the cat im not sure thanks for the help

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    how many threads you going to start?

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    Hello v.cruz, welcome to the Hulk. Well it looks like for some reason you posted your question more than once. LOL However, given your 08 GP1300R problem ... you will need to provide some information. Have you done a compression test. It is important to know this first. Does it have any mods. Like Cat removed / D-Plate installed. Is the fuel new or been in tank all winter. Rich, @ WFO will be glad to offer up help once you get more info I am sure.

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