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    Not a lot of other skis to race around here...but I did find a helicopter today LOOK

    I saw him driving a long the coast of Summerland Key just cruising along. I was driving slow till he got up close and then i started zig zagging around. He got lower to the water to say hi and as soon as he got parallel with me, i opened her up. Shes a stock ski, with simple free mods, but 70mph is what she clocks all day long.

    I crouched down and he started laughing, he gave me the thumbs up and was impressed with the fact i was keeping up. Full speed the whole way, driving with one hand fimling with the other. We coverd like 3 miles in that race....felt like it was done and over with in 30 seconds.

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    My riding buddies are coming down this year.. Going to stay in Marathon Key again. I will not be able to make the trip this year... Maybe next year..

    Our 2013 key trip was great... Marathon, Looe and key west for the week was fantastic....


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