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    speedfreeks order?

    placed a order on 2-10-15 and hadnt heard anything so i sent a email on 2-15-15 and asked if it had been shipped yet,so i get a email back on 2-18-15 from erik saying that he had been sick and would ship it the next day,well a week has gone by and i have yet to receive anything so i emailed yesterday saying that i still hadnt got anything and i got a email back saying that he shipped it yesterday and would send me tracking info later on today,well i still have no tracking info..........

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    Well I tried calling Erik several months ago 7 different times and left 3 different emails with no reply what so ever. I assumed he went out of business.......

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    Anyone else had similar experience? Before I file report

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    Puchased the charger collar selection a while back with good international delivery. Communication at the time was immediate (given the time differences)

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    issue seems to have been resolved,he sent me tracking number today

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    erik is a straight up honest guy... with that being said and what he has been threw with the hurricane in the past year or so he is still a one man operation so patients and things will workout..... he makes a great plate

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