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    2008 yamaha vx cruiser trouble

    Replaced my motor mounts in the vx cruiser today. Pulled the oil plug at the bottom and 2 quarts exactly came out. Level in reservoir was not affected. Is that due to the dry sump?

    Put the engine back in, hooked everything up, drained the other 2 quarts in the reservoir, put the new filter on. Poured two quarts in and started it up for maybe 10 seconds and it died. Looked in the oil reservoir and it was empty. Poured another quart in there (I know it takes 4 or 4.5 but didn't want to send it to the air filter).

    Ski starts and "engine" light starts flashing and warning buzzer goes off. So I shut it off after 15 seconds.

    I was thinking the warning was because if the "no oil in the crank"

    Then the ski wont restart and nothing comes up on dash when you crank it over

    I tried pushing the mode button and holding it down for a code but nothing.

    I didn't turn the engine when it was out.

    Ski has 67 hrs

    Any ideas or thoughts??


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    I don't think there is/are any plugs/sensors that can be hooked up to the wrong one. They all seem to be shaped and colored differently (correct me if I am wrong)

    ski has good compression.... 190 in all 4 holes.

    I don't hear the fuel pump coming on/off and the ski is not getting spark

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    So I'm guessing all was running correctly before the engine pull for the new mounts.. correct?
    If a total of 4 quarts of oil was removed, you should replace it with 4 quarts. This VX needs to
    be warm and level to correctly check the oil. Pull the air filter if you are worried about over filling. Air filter is about $80
    So its cheap to pull it now until you verify the oil level is correct.

    As for the no spark issue.. make sure the security remote is unlocked - do you hear the 2 or 3 beeps after pressing unlock?
    Other ideas - Battery fully charged and connections tight? Check all fuses

    When mine didn't start it was a fuse and it needed a battery. (previous owner hooked up the battery backwards)

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    And welcome to the greenhulk !

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    Ski was bought needing motor mounts so I never rode it before removal. I heard it run on the garden hose with no check engine lights or weird issues prior to removal.

    The ski did not come with a security remote/transmitter when I bought it. The ski was "unlocked" when I bought it and I have had no way to "lock" it.

    Do these ever lock themselves? And if so what would be the scenario? Replacing the battery? Engine removal? Unplugging the electrics?

    If the ski is locked will the engine even turn over? Or is the starter disengaged?

    On mine the "security" light is green when I am cranking it over. Nothing on the display ever shows up.

    thanks in advance

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    Was there a stuck or broken bolt that required you to remove the motor in the first place?

    If it ran before and isn't now, you have an electrical issue. Go through and recheck all the plugs again. No remotes on the cruiser version, if your dash isn't lighting up you need to find the loose plug...

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    Took the motor out to do the motor mounts. Figured I could drain all the oil and just clean everything up.

    Should I put anything on the electrical plugs (dielectric grease) or clean them out with compressed air or anything?

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    Turns out a lil red wire was slightly backed out of an ebox plug. The "check engine" light is for the slant detection switch. Grounds are good.

    Guess it didn't like being upside down while the engine was coming out.

    thanks for the help

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