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    Any Ideas on remote control Trolling motors for PWCs?

    Just saw a video on the Minkota remote controlled trolling motor setup. As with everything, it is a bit too pricey for my Waverunner budget.

    I have a 38lb Minkota that I wouldn't mind experimenting with if anyone has ideas on how to install a remote controlled actuator to operate one. I have a good aluminum fab guy for any heavy lifting but can't put together a plan on this myself.

    Thoughts are maybe:
    1. RC car parts and remote?
    2. RC airplane parts n remote?
    3. Maybe Jandy type valves for pools with a remote to operate them?

    The only requirement when finished is that I would be able to back the ski in and launch it, remotely run it out of the way and then recover it when I get my truck parked. I would do a conversion to change it to a short shaft as well like they do for Kayaks.

    Bored and the mind tends to get anxious to make something.

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    Look at heavy duty sail boat servos if you are going this route.

    I did this to a vx ski years ago in key west and had a fully functional throttle and steering. Id do it all again with a 7 channel radio instead of the 3 but have an almost entirely different way to control the ski.

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    Sounds like a good start to me. Thanks KW

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    Quote Originally Posted by macGruber View Post
    Sounds like a good start to me...
    If you can remote control the watercraft itself, may be no need for remote controlling a trolling motor.

    That said, an out of control 'remote controlled' PWC would be a dangerous thing. Would need lots of failsafe thinking and a well engineered installation.

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    Yea...I don't think I'm smart enough...or ambitious enough to go that far with it.

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