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    MIKUNI SBN 38 Carb screw won't come out

    Am trying desperately to get both screws holding fuel manifold plate off. Have trying heating with a soldering iron, WD40, gently hitting with a impact screw driver. Need to get the one screw out. First one came out easy the second one will not budge. Tried the same screw on the 2nd carb and it also will not come out.
    What can I try at this point and suggestions other then drilling it out>>>>>HELP

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    Inspect the control arm
    assembly for damage. Remove the pivot
    arm retaining screw, and remove the pivot
    arm and shaft. Remove the seat assembly
    retaining screw and remove the retaining
    plate. Remove the two screws securing the
    fuel manifold plate and remove it.

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    usually a hand impact will do it... you have to knock the crap out of it tho for it to work

    once the hand impact strips the phillips head out (lol) then try a left handed drill bit and hopefully it will grab and unscrew

    if not keep going thru the head and it should be easier to get out once the head is gone and fuel kidney is out of the way... you will have the threads and a good portion of the bolt left to grab with some small vice grips

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    I use a cordless impact driver. It works a million times easier than a hand impact driver. A light touch on the trigger and the screws usually come out with the first bang of the impact. Make sure you use a good screwdriver bit. A worn bit will not grab as well and may damage the screw. If the screw gets stripped I have used a Grabit type screw extractor. Even if that doesnt grab and remove the screw, just keep going until the head of the screw is gone and the block lifts right off.

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