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    Wear ring and impeller interference / contact - How bad is this

    Hello, I'm new to this forum so I've read the stickies and posts on How-to replace the pump parts.
    GP1200 '99 all salt water 110hrs riva intake solas prop.
    My ski was locked up this weekend, sourced it to the impeller locked in the wear ring.
    When I look into the wear ring I see bumps. I read this is corrosion under the stainless,so OK I need a plastic wear ring.
    My question is how bad is the impeller, do I need to replace it too?
    What else should I do while I'm in there?
    See my images and let me know what you think and would do. I live in New Zealand, so don't want to wait to fit the wear ring to check the impeller clearance and find out it's too worn. My last ride 1 month ago got full speed ~58mph.
    One side of the impeller edge has a bur and the face edge of one blade has a small chunk out. Could I grind the impeller back into shape i.e. debur?

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    My 1994 WaveRaider has the exact same thing-swollen wear ring from saltwater use. I ended up buying a replacement pump housing with a replaceable wear ring from Watercraft Super Store recently when they had a 10% off sale.

    As of today, I haven't yet taken my pump apart. It's out of the ski but the impeller is still in the pump housing so I can't compare it to your impeller in your pictures. When I finally get a chance to take it apart, I'll look at it and see how it compares to yours.

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    Thanks for the reply.
    I deburred mine with a file trying not to lose any material from the outer edge, so not to increase the wear ring clearance. I bought SBT housing and plastic insert.
    Ready to put back together, not sure if i need to seal the pump housing sections with gasket gunk.
    Major cyclone (Pam) due here this weekend so I'm not rushing to complete it.
    I also noticed my driveshaft 22mm nut was no where near torque spec 74Nm (53ft-lb) so am searching for the right tool to hold the shaft for tightening.

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