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    13 gti coolant seeping problem

    Hi, was working on installing bilge pump today and noticed a little bit coolant in the hull.
    Got to looking and noticed it seems to be slowly seeping from the plastic ride plate fitting! I tightened up the clamp
    Never noticed any thing last season, been in storage since november.
    Here's the problem I'm leaving for florida for vacation in less than 2 weeks with ski, or was planning to!
    How big of a job is it to replace this or can i try to tighten it some in the hull? Or ride it and keep an eye on it?
    Ski is still under warranty??
    Any thoughts?? thanks
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    Since this is a 2013, wouldnt this fall under the warranty? After you tightened it, did it still seep through? Dry with paper towels and place dry paper towels in the bildge. maybe start it and then let it sit. I would say that if you cannot get it in under warranty, then just tighten and monitor the fluid levels.

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    Had the same problem on my previous ski. I would see a bit of coolant as well during the cold months (storage) - materials tend to retract or expand depending in the temperature. If you tighten it a bit, you should be fine. As Resq said, just monitor it.
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    Just don't over tighten those fittings are not that strong...

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    Ok thanks for the help, wasn't sure if it was pressed or threaded into plate.
    Will try and snug it up when I get back to the ski.

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