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    A few questions on the yamaha 64x

    Bought two 96 760 waverunners 64x. Both haven't run in four years I pulled gas tank drained it got the black sludge out changed batteries they both need starter fluid but fire up one I had running 50+ these things got some butt for an old ski. The other one was gummy seemed like carb problems I also replaced spark plugs used after market carb kit started it and it was running away lean scared the piss outa me. The kill switch doesn't work on it I had to pull the gas line. So the questions are...
    1. Since the one ski runs like a top does it need carb rebuild?
    2. Obviously I need help to fix the runaway problem is there anyone in the Houston area who works on these old skis?
    3. Is the kill switch known to mess up will replacing it work or is the electric box most likely the problem?

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    Pull the kill switch and clean the micro springs, main spring and brass horseshoe contacts with electric parts cleaner and 1000 grit sandpaper and reassemble. Make sure the grooves that the contacts slide in are clean and debris free as well. I would be glad to restore it if you want to send it to me.

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    I'll send you a pm

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    Ok I plugged the switch into my other ski and it worked fine I don't know what the deal is got to be something in the electric box any ideas?

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    You can not stop a lean run away with the ignition kill switch

    its like "dieseling" where the tops of the pistons glow enough to keep the fuel ignited

    to shut off a lean run away just open the throttle or pull the choke

    and yes, I am in Houston and still work on 2 strokes... just had a GP760 and WaveVenture 1100 in here
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    Well it didn't really runaway until more recently I had it in the water and it ran like crap but I didn't ever runaway it was hard to get it to run almost wide open without dying out I don't know if it being in the water with more of a load on the engine prevented it from running away.

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    Found blown seal had it replaced kill switch works on my other ski its not the problem. It wont shut off I don't know could a connector be bad on the ebox side? it will start up but pressing the stop or pulling the kill cord will not stop it I have to either pull a fuel line or lift a spark lead.

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    on the left side of the hull...there is a brown/red which is the start circuit....the black/white is the kill section. Can you kill it there by jumping those wires?

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