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    2007 VX1200 Deluxe or 2005 RXT 215 - Newbie

    Hi there,

    I'm new to jetsksi. I purchased my first one a a couple of months ago, 1998 750 Xi sport, and I've fallen in love with the sport so I'm buying a newer model that will better suit my needs.

    It will be for ocean use, both fishing and cruising / having fun.

    I'm stuck between a 2007 Yamaha vx1200 Deluxe with 91 hours and a 2005 Seadoo RXT 215 with 180 hours (supercharger serviced twice already and ceramic washers replaced with stainless). Both are relatively the same price.

    They are both quite far away so I can't test drive either. I've done some research and the Yamaha is toted to be the most reliable, however past the supercharger washers I haven't found any other info on a downside to the Seadoo. My father in-law swears by Yamaha and strongly dislikes Seadoo due to an experience he had with a new one he purchased in 1999, however I'm not going to let one persons experience sway me too much.

    Could people with some experience (or opinion) please weigh in. It would be greatly appreciated.

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    I believe the 2007 VX Deluxe was a 1052cc Yamaha MR-1, so I'm not sure where the 1200 came from. If that is the ski you are referring to, it is much different from a 2005 RXT 215 so you can decide based what meets your needs or price. Both models will satisfy "fishing and cruising/having fun".

    In regard to the skis individually, the Yamaha is extremely reliable and 91 hours would be considered low for that model year. It is a slow, entry-level ski but more reliable than the 2005 RXT. The 2004-2006 RXT/RXPs had many issues and I would not recommend any of the models to someone who just started to enjoy PWCs. Even if the supercharger has been rebuilt and there are no issues in that regard, the 2005 RXT/RXPs had serious valve issues. I'd honestly just recommend you stay away from that ski. I'd hate to see you come back after 4 hours of riding with a hole in your motor (I've seen it first hand, it happened to a buddy of mine).

    Skis have come a long way since 1999 but the VX model is still likely the most reliable ski on the market.

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    Thanks for your input, much appreciated!

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    SCH said it best.

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