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    how long in storage is to long?

    hey all, I'm looking at 2 95 polaris PW. They have been stored outside for 10 years. He didn't remember if they were winterized properly. Both with a trailer $600. Just curious if they would even be worth my time. Not sure how many seals and other items would be rotten. Any advice is appreciated.

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    Offer $500 if trailer is still decent. At least you could sell it off and recoup your $. Think worse case scenario ... engines shot may need rebuild. Then thinks parts. Do you have the time & resources to take on this project. It sounds like fun if you love a challenge. Good Luck

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    That's a long storage time. I surely hope they were at least covered with a tarp... otherwise they'll be very rough.

    They are likely '95 Polaris 750cc, triple cylinder, 2-stroke, blue engines... easy to work on, parts are cheap. The biggest fear to me would be water in the engines... which could rust out the crank bearings and require rebuilt cranks (one of the bigger expenses on a blue fuji engine). But if they aren't internally rusted out... and you can get the engines to spin/rotate freely... that's a positive sign the engines aren't beyond overhaul.

    You'll definitely need new batteries, complete carb rebuilds (OEM Mikuni), complete fuel system/lines inspection, new fuel selector valves (if equipped), probably rebuild the thru-hull bearing/seals, maybe rebuild the jet pump stator bearings/seals, drain and clean out all fuel tank... plus other maintenance as you tear-down and build it back up.

    I'd plan for a full engine removal and tear-down of each craft... diagnose the condition... then fix/rebuild it. But at the end of the day you'd have two, overhauled and ready to go, fun PWCs with years of life in them.

    I'd be all over that deal.

    If you get them, let us know... pictures say a lot. We'll help you get them running.


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