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    Great deal on stainless hardware for my Cooper anchor :-)

    I ordered a blue Cooper anchor on ebay for my new ski. Been looking at options on rope vs chain vs anchor buddy etc. 4 best bargains is a big seller for stuff on ebay and they will make custom ropes, webbing etc. They are in Texas also so I gave them a call on making what I want to attach to my anchor. WOW! What a deal.. Here is what I got:
    9 feet of blue 1" webbing
    3 feet of 1/4 stainless chain
    stainless 5/16 shackle
    stainless snap hook
    float to go on strap.
    The hook will be sewn on the webbing and the webbing sewn to the chain. All I have to do is attach the chain to the anchor with the shackle.....
    $36.75 was my total That includes tax and shipping! I thought that was a great deal. Here is the site and direct number.
    No operator, no waiting on hold... Seems like a great place

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    EDIT: Nevermind all that. Shipping costs are ludacris from that place.
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