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Thread: SVHO questions

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    SVHO questions

    So i have a few questions about modding SVHO platform. Does the 2015 FZR have a different ECU than previous 2014? I ask because R&D has no tune available yet? A color change and Nano2 is different and no RIDE system on FZR. Anybody have any insight on this? Also what is a safe rpm limit on these skis without Valvetrain upgrade? I have a friend that has ribbon delete/intake/breather/ Jim's cut plate/ R&d grate/ free flow and wants to do a R2 but keep rpm's around 8250 with a Solas 13/20 that's not installed yet (2015 FZR)What kind of speeds could he see with that setup? Thanks for any feedback.

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    the 2015 ecu is said to be slightly different , that why no reflashes yet,
    yes color and nano2 are the only changes with the 2014 ( no ride in fzr )
    if you keep 8000ish or less rpm stock is safe, over 8500 upgrade is must.
    his setup will be 80mph eeasy more like near 85 IMO

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