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    2004 XP-DI Not Starting

    Hi Guys,

    New to forum and all the way from Australia.

    Wondering if any of you have had this problem and know where I should start looking.

    My XPDI all of the sudden wont start, had it going for a whole weekend without incident.
    Got on it one morning and the thing wont start.

    Battery charge is good and once Lanyard is connected I get the 2 beeps and I can hear the fuel pump priming but nothing happens when I press the START/STOP button.

    I've checked the starter solenoid and its fine even bridged the posts on it and the engine turns over.

    Please, any suggestions are greatly appreciated as I want to get my ski going again as summer is drawing to close over here and I would love to get a couple more weeks riding before I put it away.


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    How was the solenoid tested?

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    Look at the Black Earth/Ground leads in the front Electrical Box first and make sure you are getting good contact and no wires are broken
    The XPDIs have two Ground /Earth leads that have to be properly connected to the engine,check these both for good contact as well.

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    Got myself a circuit tester. Bypassed the switch and starts with ease. New switch and she will be back in the water. Thanks for the help guys.

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